Week 2 Review

Yikes! What a bad week! I had a great run to start the week and then it was all downhill from there. I missed one day due to some soreness, and 3 days due to rain! That isn’t good!

I think I’ll be shooting for the (9r/2w)x2+8r cycle this week. Who knows what this week will hold!

Keep me in your prayers! I need them!


Week 1 Review

After the Unexpected Hill Work day, I couldn’t really walk on Saturday so I decided that a day off might serve me better than forcing a run and risking injury. It was a tough week. It was my first three days back to running in 9 months and it showed! I’m probably starting a little to fast, but I have several “repeat weeks” in these first 10 weeks that will hopefully make up for my inability to hit every goal this week.

I’m really happy to be running again with race goals ahead of me. I feel fresher, fitter, cleaner, & faster when I run regularly.

I’m looking forward to week 2 (and a little nervous).