Move to Sweat365!!!

Hey yall. I’m moving this blog over to sweat365

It is a community of bloggers specifically created for those interested in fitness. You can countdown to races, keep a “log book” of runs, post on a blog, etc… and the engine is very similar to wordpress! (maybe created by the same people?)

Anyway, I really like it. They have fewer “themes” but the data and community is much better. Check it out!

Here is my new blog address:

See you later.


NOVA’s Marathon Challenge

This is an amazing video about “normal people” running a Marathon! Watch it, buy it, enjoy it!

If this is ever “removed” by google, you can watch all of the video’s on NOVA’s website.

Didn’t Write, Didn’t Run… But I am Now!

For a long time, I quit running. Why? I guess I just lost the drive. I was doing well. I enjoyed my first 5K, ran for a while after that, but then it got hot and I got lazy. “Busy” was the excuse, but that is just an excuse.

So, I’m running again. The first few runs are always awful, so prayers are appreciated. Last time, I only planned to race one 5K and that is what I did. This time, I have several races lined up & will continue to plan more and more in the future. The Races keep me going and if I’m ever going to Run a Marathon, I need to enter and finish several 5k’s, 10k’s and maybe even a half marathon or two on my way. Below is a list of the races that I will be running:




Yesterday was my first “run” back and it was horrible. I couldn’t breath. I know that will get better, but struggling through the first month back is always hard. Keep me in your prayers!


Is anyone else running any of these races? Or have you already run them? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them & on this race schedule.
I’m working on my training schedule and will post that when it is ready. Any tips?

Thanks for reading!