Move to Sweat365!!!

Hey yall. I’m moving this blog over to sweat365

It is a community of bloggers specifically created for those interested in fitness. You can countdown to races, keep a “log book” of runs, post on a blog, etc… and the engine is very similar to wordpress! (maybe created by the same people?)

Anyway, I really like it. They have fewer “themes” but the data and community is much better. Check it out!

Here is my new blog address:

See you later.


NOVA’s Marathon Challenge

This is an amazing video about “normal people” running a Marathon! Watch it, buy it, enjoy it!

If this is ever “removed” by google, you can watch all of the video’s on NOVA’s website.

1st Run in a while

Hey all!

I ran 2 miles today as planned. I ran really slowly because I’m still a little nervous to reinjure my knee, but it was a good run. I had to mow before the run (while it was still “cool”) so I was a bit zapped from the start. I walked twice during the run and stretched a few times so that I was sure to take my time. Below are some stats:

  • Weight: 290.4 lbs
  • Runtime: 27:18
  • Distance: 2 Miles

All that is about normal for where I left off before the mission trip. And yes, I do realize how incredibly slow I run. I know. But you have to start restart somewhere! 😉

Catch you later.

Set back… but it was amazing!

Hey all!

It has been a while since I ran and even longer since I have written.

All was advancing well. I took my week off and then learned the Sunday before leaving the country that I would be gone an additional 2 weeks (and this is not a place that I could run or visit a gym). The mission trip was incredible/unforgettable/amazing and all that jazz!!! Needless to say, I have been set back on the running schedule so I will not be running the 5K this weekend (Dam Night Run). However, I think I will have enough time to prepare for the next race (Bass Kick’n 5K). I’m really excited to get back to it now that I’m home. I’ve missed the clean air & exercise!

Next week, I will be starting slow again to avoid injury and get used to running again. Then I will start the millage listed on week 14 and 15 of my plan.

I’m probably not going to post every run like I used to. I got to run 6 and was already tired to posting about my running, but I will be keeping an old fashioned pen and paper run log and I will post on this thing if anything interesting happens. I’ll also be sure to post race reviews and gear reviews, etc… It just isn’t entertaining enough for me to post every run!!

See you soon,


Run 6 – 2nd run of the week…

Yesterday was Run 6. It was only my second day of the week, but I’m learning that my knee is more sensitive than I first thought. I’m having to take it a lot easier than I wanted to. Hopefully I can still hit my time goals and run just 3 or 4 days a week vs the planned 5. Also, I hope that I will be able to run more and more days of the week as my body becomes used to the torture.

This run was a good one. Same loop, same time. 2.17 miles, 29 minutes and I still had to slow way down on the back side of the loop. I’m not running for distance yet, just time. 30 minutes non stop is the goal and I think I will get there. I was feeling really good after this run and even though I was out of breath, I wasn’t devastated like I was on the first run!

Just call me the tortoise!

Run 5 – Good Start for the Week!

Yesterday I had a great, late day run. I hit my goal, but made it home one minute early. I ran the same route as last Monday. My times were (9:00 Run & 2:00 Walk) X 2 + 7:00 Run for a total of 29 minutes. I covered 2.17 miles. I know that is incredibly slow for most people (and me), but my goals are just to hit my times. I have no concern about distance. As a matter of fact on the last 7:00 I slowed down quite a bit so I didn’t have to run circles! So, I hit my times, and I’m happy about that.

Have a great day!

Week 2 Review

Yikes! What a bad week! I had a great run to start the week and then it was all downhill from there. I missed one day due to some soreness, and 3 days due to rain! That isn’t good!

I think I’ll be shooting for the (9r/2w)x2+8r cycle this week. Who knows what this week will hold!

Keep me in your prayers! I need them!