Week 2, Day 2: Didn’t Want to Go!

I was having a bad week, she was having a tough week. Neither of us really wanted to run. I read some in Runners World looking for a grain of motivation. I only found a little this time. It was only the accountability of my wife that helped me go. When she asked, “Where are we running tonight?”

I’m glad we did. It was the only time all day that I didn’t think about the things that stressed me out. My mind got a break & I got to spend some wonderful time with Katie.

Our Route:
If you were wondering why I didn’t use the google map  pedometer: the area we ran is not on that map yet. We just ran and then drove the exact route to clock it. It was exactly 2.3 miles. One of our farthest runs. However, it was also pretty flat… but VERY chilly! About 45º of chilly!

Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom to see updated links. I’ve been adding some to my blog roll. I think I will have a new theme soon, one with actual sidebars! Don’t let that freak you out when you come back and we are “different”.

See you Friday.