1st Run in a while

Hey all!

I ran 2 miles today as planned. I ran really slowly because I’m still a little nervous to reinjure my knee, but it was a good run. I had to mow before the run (while it was still “cool”) so I was a bit zapped from the start. I walked twice during the run and stretched a few times so that I was sure to take my time. Below are some stats:

  • Weight: 290.4 lbs
  • Runtime: 27:18
  • Distance: 2 Miles

All that is about normal for where I left off before the mission trip. And yes, I do realize how incredibly slow I run. I know. But you have to start restart somewhere! 😉

Catch you later.


Set back… but it was amazing!

Hey all!

It has been a while since I ran and even longer since I have written.

All was advancing well. I took my week off and then learned the Sunday before leaving the country that I would be gone an additional 2 weeks (and this is not a place that I could run or visit a gym). The mission trip was incredible/unforgettable/amazing and all that jazz!!! Needless to say, I have been set back on the running schedule so I will not be running the 5K this weekend (Dam Night Run). However, I think I will have enough time to prepare for the next race (Bass Kick’n 5K). I’m really excited to get back to it now that I’m home. I’ve missed the clean air & exercise!

Next week, I will be starting slow again to avoid injury and get used to running again. Then I will start the millage listed on week 14 and 15 of my plan.

I’m probably not going to post every run like I used to. I got to run 6 and was already tired to posting about my running, but I will be keeping an old fashioned pen and paper run log and I will post on this thing if anything interesting happens. I’ll also be sure to post race reviews and gear reviews, etc… It just isn’t entertaining enough for me to post every run!!

See you soon,


2nd Run, a little more fun.

Today I had to get my run in right after lunch. I was a little off on my eating so it was actually about 30 minutes after my mid meal.

I stopped at a park that is currently under construction in Rogers. They have put in the walking trail and covered it in soft gray gravel so it is perfect for running! I hope they don’t pave it.

My goal this run was to complete 3 cycles of “RUN for 8:00 and Walk for 2:00.” It was a wonderful, windy, overcast day. I had no trouble until half way through the second cycle of 8:00. I was getting a really bad rub on the bottom of my foot and I decided to end the run after 2 cycles. That means I ran for 16 minutes total and walked for 4 minutes. That is still much better than yesterday. I feel a lot better about taking on this task!

I’m glad I decided to hang it up today. My feet are still hot and is starting to blister a little on one of them. If I would have kept going, I don’t think I’d be able to walk tonight! I’m trying to keep that under control because I need to get in 2 more runs before my rest day Sunday. Any good preventions or home remedies recommendations?

Running doesn’t welcome you back! It disciplines you for leaving!

In the future, I will post my time, distance, pace and all of that jazz, but not for this run. Yesterday, I “ran” for 31 minutes. I was going to try and run for 8 minutes and then rest for 2 and do that for 3 cycles for 30 minutes. I wasn’t worried about the distance I would cover, I just need to work up to 30 minutes of running.

Well, I started out with a walk and then went to the jog. 6 minutes into it, I had to walk. I walked for 2 minutes and then ran for 4. Walked for 2, ran for 3, walked for 1, ran for 1, walked for 3, ran for 2, and on and on until I was about a minute from the house… then I crawled home in the 31st minute. It was awful! Every minute of it.

My legs didn’t hurt at all. The problem was my back and lungs. I felt like I had the lung capacity of a bean! I know this gets better over time, but at THIS time, it stinks. My lower back was sore during the run. I don’t really know why. I checked my form in reflections and it didn’t look bad. It maybe because I’m used to have bad posture and when I straighten up and run, I feel the unused muscle!

This is going to be a long journey back.

Week 5, Day 1

  • 5:30 A.M.
  • Time: 28:53 Minutes
  • Distance: 2.36 Miles
  • Pace: 12:14
  • MPH: 4.9
  • Route: House to HWY

This run was on May 7th. It was a good run & we had a great pace. The first part of the run stinks for me. It is such a struggle. I think by the end of these runs, everything is numb so I don’t really feel anything!

We run again this evening. See ya!

Week ?, Day ?

  • 7:00 P.M.
  • Time: 28:30 Minutes
  • Distance: 2.16 Miles
  • Pace: 13:11
  • MPH: 4.55
  • Route: House to HWY

We have lost track of our 10 week plan! Today we Ran 7, Walked 3 because we had a week off due to illnesses and such. There were a couple of tough hills in this run. The elevation chart on that run is a little off for some reason. There were about 5 small steep hills and flatter at our turn around.

This was a good run to get back in the swing of things. This week we will continue with 7 & 3. Next week will be 8 & 2.

My First 5K

Our first 5k was April 21st. I’ve been super busy with work, so I’m just now posting about this. This was a very very interesting experience. We had 2 goals. #1 Run the Entire Way. #2. Run it in 40 minutes. FOR US, these are big goals. We just became “runners” & this was our first race EVER. I had no idea what to expect. Traffic was horrible, parking was difficult & we had no idea what to do with that tab on the bottom of our race number. Turn it in? Or leave it attached?

There were over 15,000 run/walkers. We wound up near the front (big mistake) because we couldn’t find the rest of our group. The greatest coach in the history of running, Arkansas Razorback John McDonnell, started the race & we were off…

Quickly we realized that WE ARE SLOW!! We slowly made our way through the start & to the right side, passing the walkers as we slowly came up on them. When we turned to head down the first hill, we saw runners that were ALREADY near the first mile!! I was amazed!! I was in awe! How are they running THAT fast? We continued on our “snails” pace to the first mile only to realize as she shouted out the times, that our first mile was 3 minutes faster than our USUAL first mile!!! This was crazy! No wonder why we were so tired! We immediately slowed to a walk. Running this whole thing was out the window because we had been so excited by the start of the race that our bodies began to quit. Friday, before the race, Katie began to feel a little sick. After the first mile, we were both sweating like crazy and I was burning up. Katie was “freezing.” She was obviously not feeling very well. She was sick (and still is getting over it). We walked for about 2 or 3 minutes and then decided to run again. We made it to our second mile still one minute faster than normal. There was a big hill coming up just before the finish & I knew we would need that minute to make it there with in our 40 minute goal.

As we rounded the corner to meet the hill, we grabbed our first water and slowly began up the hill. At the very top, we both walked to stretch our legs a little and then ran the rest of the way home. We made sure that we finished together and I looked at my watch to see 40 MINUTES!

WE DID IT! With our “way to fast start”, cold sweats & fever, tied tummies, cramping calves, & all!

Overall it was a pretty miserable first experience. We got there late because we accidentally slept 30 minutes later than we wanted. We didn’t get a good breakfast. We had greasy food the night before. We didn’t have much time to stretch. We started WAY to fast. The Race start was poorly organized. The finish wasn’t marked well, the water was too crowded & wasn’t spread out (just one small table at 2 locations). We started to close to the front. & We didn’t get ANYTHING for finishing.

I know it was a “charity” race, but it seems like so much more time was spent on the corporate sponsorship than telling the runners where to go and what to do. We are going with lower expectations of “race organization” next time & with a better idea of what time to get to a race & what to do when we get there.

We are excited to run again… now that we know what to expect.

Our stats:
Distance: 5k
Time: 40 Minutes
Pace: 12:26
MPH: 4.66

After the race, with Katie’s sickness & my bad knees we took the week off to rest and rehab. The next day after the race, I had to walk several neighborhoods for work which I calculated right around 7 – 8 miles of walking (not counting trips to the doors & back). My legs were ACHING!