Week 1, Day 3

Yesterday we decided to visit Lake Bella Vista (in Bentonville). It was a beautiful run. It is about a 1.8 mile loop around the lake and pretty scenic for being so close. We wound up finishing the loop before our time ran out so we ran out a little ways and back into the parking lot until our time was up.
This morning my legs are a little sore. My calves mainly. It isn’t a “bad sore” it is a good, “I need to stretch” sore. I used some tiger balm on my knees before we started & after the run, they were freezing. That amazes me! Usually they get really hot and they start to hurt! This time, they felt GREAT!
Also, I’ve been taking Fast Flex™ which is really helping my knees to heal & repair and takes away the pain and inflammation. I’d rather take TriFlex but I had Fast Flex left over from working at GNC. TriFlex is pretty expensive per serving too.

Well, that is all from here. We plan on doing our Saturday run that will end Week 1 sometime today around 2:30.