Week 5, Day 1

  • 5:30 A.M.
  • Time: 28:53 Minutes
  • Distance: 2.36 Miles
  • Pace: 12:14
  • MPH: 4.9
  • Route: House to HWY

This run was on May 7th. It was a good run & we had a great pace. The first part of the run stinks for me. It is such a struggle. I think by the end of these runs, everything is numb so I don’t really feel anything!

We run again this evening. See ya!


Week ?, Day ?

  • 7:00 P.M.
  • Time: 28:30 Minutes
  • Distance: 2.16 Miles
  • Pace: 13:11
  • MPH: 4.55
  • Route: House to HWY

We have lost track of our 10 week plan! Today we Ran 7, Walked 3 because we had a week off due to illnesses and such. There were a couple of tough hills in this run. The elevation chart on that run is a little off for some reason. There were about 5 small steep hills and flatter at our turn around.

This was a good run to get back in the swing of things. This week we will continue with 7 & 3. Next week will be 8 & 2.

Week 4, Day 1: Rain Run!

  • 9:30 P.M.
  • Time: 32:20 Minutes
  • Distance: 2.69 Miles
  • Pace: 12:05
  • MPH: 4.97
  • Route: Gym to House

This was a FUN run! Katie and I started in the drizzle with our rain jackets on and we ran through some pretty heavy rain during the first mile and a half. Then, just light drizzle. It was a nice run. A LOT less cold than it has been which helps.

This was a fun route. Side walk half of the 1st mile, then dirt road for most of the way home. It felt flat or down hill most of the way, but according to the elevation chart, we had a gradual climb. We definitely noticed the steep incline at the end of the run. That one hurt!

We’re hanging in there. This time we did 7 minutes of Running, 3 minutes of Walking – 3 Times (then, to get home, we ran for a minute or two). Just  a few days away from RUNNING our first 5k! I hope we can make it all the way!

Week 3, Day 3: Sunday Make-Up Run

  • 7:45 P.M.
  • Time: 28:15 Minutes
  • Distance: 2.3 Miles
  • Pace: 12:15
  • MPH: 4.89
  • Route: House Out & Back

There is again a horrible climb right from the start, but on this run we decided to go easy in the front and finish strong. That is exactly what we did. I liked it much better because my legs had time to really get warm before picking up our pace.
The runs aren’t getting any easier because our pace is picking up and we are continuing to push our selves. On our Saturday run, it was horrible! There was a lot of pain & trying to breath & alot of “No Way”. We needed a run like this because we gained a lot of “We Can” from this run. We ran out for 15 minutes & came home in 13:15! We were flying (for us) & the elevation was pretty similar both ways. It was a fun, hard run.

Week 3, Day 2: Mean Climb!!

  • 6:15 P.M.
  • Time: 32:22 Minutes
  • Distance: 2.5 Miles
  • Pace: 12:33
  • MPH: 4.78
  • Route: House Out & Back

The weather has been NASTY! With the high winds, freezing cold air & rain, we haven’t done as much running this last week as we would have liked. To avoid getting sick, we ellected to stay in the house. Yesterday, the sun peaked out for a few minutes and we went for our run. When you click the Route link, check out the elevation!! It was MEAN on the way home. My calves were cramping and Katie’s legs were on fire! We stopped in the middle of one of our runs to walk for minute & then made the minute of running up as we were ending. It was a really tough run, with a really big climb! This one hurt! I feel it more this morning.

I’m glad we went. It feels good to have made more progress & we had our second fastest pace!

We hope to run some tonight and then again monday. Our plan for next week will be a little bit different because we will be running a 5K on Saturday (Kohmen of the Ozark’s Race for the Cure).

I THINK it will look like this: Running: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday as normal. Then, Friday, do a short, up tempo, treadmill run. Hopefully this will give us a little rest on Friday, but it will keep our legs moving a little faster than normal to make Saturday seem easier.

Week 3, Day 1: RAIN & HILLS!

  • 7:00 P.M.
  • Time: 30:00 Minutes
  • Distance: 2.2 Miles
  • Pace: 13:38
  • MPH: 4.4
  • Route: House Out & Back

Tonight was wet, raining, cold & a true test of our commitment! We ran anyway. We were slower, but we have never had hills like today. I’m not sure if our elevation chart is exactly right. It seemed more Up & Down than the graph represents. It felt more like this: /\/\|/\/\
We were soaked when we got back, but it was a lot of fun. We had a slower pace & didn’t go as far, however, this was a great run for us!

We will be trying to run again tomorrow to make up our missed day that has put us on odd days running vs MWFS schedule that we were acustomed to!

See you then.

Week 1, Day 2

  • 3:40 P.M.
  • Time: 32:00 Minutes
  • Distance: 2.16 Miles
  • Pace: 14:49
  • MPH: 4.05
  • 75º, 61% Humidity, Wind: S 9 MPH
  • Route: Grey House Route

Today was good. My calves started to cramp a bit but they are OK now. If you notice, our numbers from yesterday changed because I forgot to include a 2 minute cool down that was part of our distance. Today we ran down hill and then back up hill so naturally, when we turned around at the 15 min. mark, I knew our pace would slow as we get to the hills. And it did. But it was really good. Katie and I both really felt this one and we feel great for even doing it.

Friday is the next run. We plan on taking the dogs for that one, but we will see what happens.