NOVA’s Marathon Challenge

This is an amazing video about “normal people” running a Marathon! Watch it, buy it, enjoy it!

If this is ever “removed” by google, you can watch all of the video’s on NOVA’s website.


1st Run in a while

Hey all!

I ran 2 miles today as planned. I ran really slowly because I’m still a little nervous to reinjure my knee, but it was a good run. I had to mow before the run (while it was still “cool”) so I was a bit zapped from the start. I walked twice during the run and stretched a few times so that I was sure to take my time. Below are some stats:

  • Weight: 290.4 lbs
  • Runtime: 27:18
  • Distance: 2 Miles

All that is about normal for where I left off before the mission trip. And yes, I do realize how incredibly slow I run. I know. But you have to start restart somewhere! 😉

Catch you later.

Set back… but it was amazing!

Hey all!

It has been a while since I ran and even longer since I have written.

All was advancing well. I took my week off and then learned the Sunday before leaving the country that I would be gone an additional 2 weeks (and this is not a place that I could run or visit a gym). The mission trip was incredible/unforgettable/amazing and all that jazz!!! Needless to say, I have been set back on the running schedule so I will not be running the 5K this weekend (Dam Night Run). However, I think I will have enough time to prepare for the next race (Bass Kick’n 5K). I’m really excited to get back to it now that I’m home. I’ve missed the clean air & exercise!

Next week, I will be starting slow again to avoid injury and get used to running again. Then I will start the millage listed on week 14 and 15 of my plan.

I’m probably not going to post every run like I used to. I got to run 6 and was already tired to posting about my running, but I will be keeping an old fashioned pen and paper run log and I will post on this thing if anything interesting happens. I’ll also be sure to post race reviews and gear reviews, etc… It just isn’t entertaining enough for me to post every run!!

See you soon,