Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Anyone else have a hard time running on the tread mill?

I can’t stand it! I only focus on the pain & I can never “zone out” like I can when I’m running outside. So, I’ll wait on the rain to stop! Hopefully I can get a run in today before dark.

Yesterday I didn’t get in a planned run because my knee was feeling really funny after Monday. I was a little disappointed with that, but I realize that easing back into running is ideal for my knee. I’ve started to take a supplement called Fast Flex which really helps the healing and inflammation of my joints and cartilage. It is really just a good vitamin pack of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & MSM, with some extras thrown in: White Willow Bark extract, & Fish Body Oils. You can get the same generic supplements from Wal-Mart for cheaper. The quality is a little less, but the effects are essentially the same. You shouldn’t use it more than 2 months at a time because your body will start to get used to it. Hopefully that will really start to help!

Has anyone else tried supplements like this one to help heal and prevent injury or rehab an injury? What did you use & how well did it work?


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