Run 3 – Unexpected “Hill Work”!

The bad thing about being a “newbie” runner is that you don’t really know where to go or what a course is like before you run it. I charged out to Lake Fayetteville to run out and back 15 minutes for a total time of 30 minutes. I’m still on 8 minute run, 2 minute walk for 3 cycles.

I got there, had a great stretch and was ready. I charged out on the paved trail (the wilderness trail was MUD) and started on a flat, even paced jog. Then a few curves later and I found myself running up a hill! Switchbacks and all! I topped the hill about 9 minutes (after a one minute walk) and started running at 10 like planned. Then I kept going until about the 13:30 minute mark where I turned around. I was huffing pretty bad, so I decided to walk it out a little more. My right foot was acting up on the outside & heel (I tend to run on the outside of my feet) so I worked on form a little bit and about minute 15, I realized the big hill had 2 sides! I didn’t notice because I was so tired, but the other side of that hill was just as bad. I walked from minute 13:30 to 15 and then starting running half way up the hill. Minute 17, I was finished with trying to run and so I walked until the top. Minute 18, I ran down the hill & up some rolling hills until minute 27 near the start!!! This “made up for it” in my head because that hill killed me! I ended the run in 29 minutes.

  • Goal Time: Run: 24:00 | Walk: 6:00
  • Actual Time: Run: 22:30 | Walk: 6:30

All “hill” considered, I was surprised that I actually came close to my run/walk goals! I’ll be saving that part of the trail for a later training day!

One more day of running until I get some much needed rest!


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