Running doesn’t welcome you back! It disciplines you for leaving!

In the future, I will post my time, distance, pace and all of that jazz, but not for this run. Yesterday, I “ran” for 31 minutes. I was going to try and run for 8 minutes and then rest for 2 and do that for 3 cycles for 30 minutes. I wasn’t worried about the distance I would cover, I just need to work up to 30 minutes of running.

Well, I started out with a walk and then went to the jog. 6 minutes into it, I had to walk. I walked for 2 minutes and then ran for 4. Walked for 2, ran for 3, walked for 1, ran for 1, walked for 3, ran for 2, and on and on until I was about a minute from the house… then I crawled home in the 31st minute. It was awful! Every minute of it.

My legs didn’t hurt at all. The problem was my back and lungs. I felt like I had the lung capacity of a bean! I know this gets better over time, but at THIS time, it stinks. My lower back was sore during the run. I don’t really know why. I checked my form in reflections and it didn’t look bad. It maybe because I’m used to have bad posture and when I straighten up and run, I feel the unused muscle!

This is going to be a long journey back.


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