2nd Run, a little more fun.

Today I had to get my run in right after lunch. I was a little off on my eating so it was actually about 30 minutes after my mid meal.

I stopped at a park that is currently under construction in Rogers. They have put in the walking trail and covered it in soft gray gravel so it is perfect for running! I hope they don’t pave it.

My goal this run was to complete 3 cycles of “RUN for 8:00 and Walk for 2:00.” It was a wonderful, windy, overcast day. I had no trouble until half way through the second cycle of 8:00. I was getting a really bad rub on the bottom of my foot and I decided to end the run after 2 cycles. That means I ran for 16 minutes total and walked for 4 minutes. That is still much better than yesterday. I feel a lot better about taking on this task!

I’m glad I decided to hang it up today. My feet are still hot and is starting to blister a little on one of them. If I would have kept going, I don’t think I’d be able to walk tonight! I’m trying to keep that under control because I need to get in 2 more runs before my rest day Sunday. Any good preventions or home remedies recommendations?


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