Run 6 – 2nd run of the week…

Yesterday was Run 6. It was only my second day of the week, but I’m learning that my knee is more sensitive than I first thought. I’m having to take it a lot easier than I wanted to. Hopefully I can still hit my time goals and run just 3 or 4 days a week vs the planned 5. Also, I hope that I will be able to run more and more days of the week as my body becomes used to the torture.

This run was a good one. Same loop, same time. 2.17 miles, 29 minutes and I still had to slow way down on the back side of the loop. I’m not running for distance yet, just time. 30 minutes non stop is the goal and I think I will get there. I was feeling really good after this run and even though I was out of breath, I wasn’t devastated like I was on the first run!

Just call me the tortoise!


Run 5 – Good Start for the Week!

Yesterday I had a great, late day run. I hit my goal, but made it home one minute early. I ran the same route as last Monday. My times were (9:00 Run & 2:00 Walk) X 2 + 7:00 Run for a total of 29 minutes. I covered 2.17 miles. I know that is incredibly slow for most people (and me), but my goals are just to hit my times. I have no concern about distance. As a matter of fact on the last 7:00 I slowed down quite a bit so I didn’t have to run circles! So, I hit my times, and I’m happy about that.

Have a great day!

Week 2 Review

Yikes! What a bad week! I had a great run to start the week and then it was all downhill from there. I missed one day due to some soreness, and 3 days due to rain! That isn’t good!

I think I’ll be shooting for the (9r/2w)x2+8r cycle this week. Who knows what this week will hold!

Keep me in your prayers! I need them!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Anyone else have a hard time running on the tread mill?

I can’t stand it! I only focus on the pain & I can never “zone out” like I can when I’m running outside. So, I’ll wait on the rain to stop! Hopefully I can get a run in today before dark.

Yesterday I didn’t get in a planned run because my knee was feeling really funny after Monday. I was a little disappointed with that, but I realize that easing back into running is ideal for my knee. I’ve started to take a supplement called Fast Flex which really helps the healing and inflammation of my joints and cartilage. It is really just a good vitamin pack of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & MSM, with some extras thrown in: White Willow Bark extract, & Fish Body Oils. You can get the same generic supplements from Wal-Mart for cheaper. The quality is a little less, but the effects are essentially the same. You shouldn’t use it more than 2 months at a time because your body will start to get used to it. Hopefully that will really start to help!

Has anyone else tried supplements like this one to help heal and prevent injury or rehab an injury? What did you use & how well did it work?

Run 4 – SLOWLY hitting a Goal!

Last night, I decided to run about 7:15ish. I wanted to go out to a soft track, but it was going to be dark soon and I had to run around my block. My goal was to run 09:00 | walk 2:00 | 2 cycles + 8:00 run. After last week, I didn’t think I would be able to hit these goals. I took off Saturday due to soreness and rested Sunday.

When I started the run last night, I took about 20 steps and realized that I was starting at a much faster pace than I was finishing with. Instead of keeping this pace, I decided to slow down to more comfortable pace. Before I knew it, 9:00 was here! I walked for 2. Then on the back side of the loop, I forgot I was running! This used to happen to me all of the time when I was marathon training. I would kinda go into a zone where my feet kept moving at a comfortable pace and my mind would think about other things. I LOVED it when this would happen! It was the only way I got through the long runs. Before I knew it, I was at minute 20:00 & feeling pretty good. I walked for 2:00 and begin on the home stretch. I slowed my pace just a little when I figured that I would be home about 0:30 – 1:00 early if I continued at the current pace. I focused on form and  reducing the shock on my knees. I made it home at the 30:00 mark & I HIT ALL of my goal times for the first time since I starting running again!! This was really encouraging for me and I was happy to have gone into “the zone” again. I don’t know how that happens, but THAT is why I like running.

Just for fun, I went to and found out that I ran 2.17 miles. My average pace was 13:49.49 min/mi & my average speed was 4.34 mi/hr. That is SO SLOW! But, I hit my timed goals. Right now, it isn’t about distance or speed. For me, it is about building endurance. If I don’t have the ability to run for 30 minutes at a time, then I can’t work on speed or distance!

Thanks for reading!

Week 1 Review

After the Unexpected Hill Work day, I couldn’t really walk on Saturday so I decided that a day off might serve me better than forcing a run and risking injury. It was a tough week. It was my first three days back to running in 9 months and it showed! I’m probably starting a little to fast, but I have several “repeat weeks” in these first 10 weeks that will hopefully make up for my inability to hit every goal this week.

I’m really happy to be running again with race goals ahead of me. I feel fresher, fitter, cleaner, & faster when I run regularly.

I’m looking forward to week 2 (and a little nervous).

Run 3 – Unexpected “Hill Work”!

The bad thing about being a “newbie” runner is that you don’t really know where to go or what a course is like before you run it. I charged out to Lake Fayetteville to run out and back 15 minutes for a total time of 30 minutes. I’m still on 8 minute run, 2 minute walk for 3 cycles.

I got there, had a great stretch and was ready. I charged out on the paved trail (the wilderness trail was MUD) and started on a flat, even paced jog. Then a few curves later and I found myself running up a hill! Switchbacks and all! I topped the hill about 9 minutes (after a one minute walk) and started running at 10 like planned. Then I kept going until about the 13:30 minute mark where I turned around. I was huffing pretty bad, so I decided to walk it out a little more. My right foot was acting up on the outside & heel (I tend to run on the outside of my feet) so I worked on form a little bit and about minute 15, I realized the big hill had 2 sides! I didn’t notice because I was so tired, but the other side of that hill was just as bad. I walked from minute 13:30 to 15 and then starting running half way up the hill. Minute 17, I was finished with trying to run and so I walked until the top. Minute 18, I ran down the hill & up some rolling hills until minute 27 near the start!!! This “made up for it” in my head because that hill killed me! I ended the run in 29 minutes.

  • Goal Time: Run: 24:00 | Walk: 6:00
  • Actual Time: Run: 22:30 | Walk: 6:30

All “hill” considered, I was surprised that I actually came close to my run/walk goals! I’ll be saving that part of the trail for a later training day!

One more day of running until I get some much needed rest!