Shoe Help!

I need your comments! I need your advice. What is your favorite Running Shoe & Brand? Why?

As we were running in the rain, I figured out that I have been running on the SIDE of my foot! Does anyone else do this? I have no idea how long this has been going on, but Katie suggested I get some new shoes fast because my foot is coming over the outside of my sole. I have NO idea if that is “overpronating”, “supinating” or what. I also have no idea what type of shoe I need. I use some OLD New Balance 855’s that I used when I first started running in college. They are still “good” and still have quite a bit of coushin, but they are finally giving out.

I’m a big guy and I need a pillow under my feet. And I need a shoe that will keep me from “overflowing” onto the side of my foot.

What do you use? What do you suggest? Know of a good Shoe Review Article?
Thank You for your help!!



  1. The best advice I can give: Get to a shoe store that knows feet! Everybody has a different set of feet and you need to find the shoe that fits you best. Personally I’ve had awful luck with Nike, and currently run in Sauconys. I’ve had great luck with Ryka (a womens only shoe) and Asics.

  2. RegiVizz’s first line sums it up. I got a pair of Asics Cumulus VIIIs, but only after a trip to the everso helpful SheRunsHeRuns shop in Kent. They took the time to study my feet and stance, lend me a decent pair of socks, try a pair of shoes on a treadmill, which they video recorded, analysed in slow motion, suggested alternative shoes to compensate for some slight pronation, etc, etc. Go to a store that gives this kind of service, and you WILL get the best shoes for you.

  3. I’m with the other two who commented ahead of me. I also was running on the sides of my feet, which I had no idea I was doing until I went to Fleet Feet in my area – They watched me run and put me in shoes to correct my stance. My feet felt SO much better after the first time out in the new shoes.

  4. I have the unusual problem of running on the outside of my right foot (supinating) and running on the inside of my left foot (pronating). I always knew I was crooked… Anyway, now that you know “how” you run (it sounds like you supinate) this should be an easy thing to correct. Just go to a GOOD running store and they should be able to help match good shoes to your feet! Good luck.

  5. Hi there, I came across your site via MyBlogLog. I suppose get advice from a trusted/respected running shoe sports store, someone who knows what they’re talking about.

    In my case I’ve used heaps of different shoes and quite a few had there little problems. In end I’ve settled on Asics Kayano’s. They give me no grief when new (that’s when most of the others give me problems) and I get about 800 km out of them. Probably should retire them around 700 km.

  6. Ray,
    you need to go to Fleet feet in Fayetteville (near Flying Burrito, off college). They will watch you run and suggest what shoe fits you best.

    As for me: I got the Asics Nimbus VII, they are the best running shoes out there.


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