Week 2, Day 4: Easter Run

  • 6:00 P.M.
  • Time: 30:40 Minutes
  • Distance: 2.51 Miles
  • Pace: 12:13
  • MPH: 4.91
  • Route: Bentonville North Trail
  • Added Weight: 12 lb Vest

Global Cooling: It was 46º today!

Toinght I added 12 lbs of weight with a adjustable weight vest. It was definately noticable! Katie got it for me for Christmas & I have been afraid to use it! I wore it around the house and I could feel it just walking down the hall! I was lifting weights a lot last year and I knew that I needed to lose some FAT, but I wanted to keep the bulk & muscle mass I had gained. I figured it would help my legs and body stay strong while adding cardio. I never got a chance to use it before we started running.
We missed 2 days this week due to a slight illness and SNOW. We don’t breathe too well in the cold. We went anyway today (on a scheduled rest day ) and I could pace my steps with my weezing! That wasn’t good.  However, we had one of our best runs ever! I’m not too sure why. We both thought we would be slower due to the stiffness from a few days off and the cold temperatures, but we just kept going. There were about 2 times today that I wanted to quit, but having Katie running with me kept me going.


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