Week 1, Day 2

  • 3:40 P.M.
  • Time: 32:00 Minutes
  • Distance: 2.16 Miles
  • Pace: 14:49
  • MPH: 4.05
  • 75º, 61% Humidity, Wind: S 9 MPH
  • Route: Grey House Route

Today was good. My calves started to cramp a bit but they are OK now. If you notice, our numbers from yesterday changed because I forgot to include a 2 minute cool down that was part of our distance. Today we ran down hill and then back up hill so naturally, when we turned around at the 15 min. mark, I knew our pace would slow as we get to the hills. And it did. But it was really good. Katie and I both really felt this one and we feel great for even doing it.

Friday is the next run. We plan on taking the dogs for that one, but we will see what happens.


1 Comment

  1. Hi Katie and Ray,

    You guys are doing great! I am from Holland originally, so I have no natural affinity to running hills at all! My husband Brad has had 9 knee surgeries and he is resigned to staying on the ellyptical machine in stead of running, but he misses it like crazy. Good for you for going for it!

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