Running Again.

Hi. My name is Ray and this is my online Running Log! I figured I would put it online because with the more people that could see it, I think it will help keep me accountable to achieving my goals. Also, it will make a nice printable record of my progress.

I want to go from an active non-runner to a very active runner. To do that I need to take it slow. I’m overweight (286 lbs) & I have bad knees so I will be taking it easy. No 2 hour marathons here, just a big guy trying to run some LBS off. In the distant future, the Marathon is a maybe. Like I said, I want to take it slow.

I’ll be runing with my wife who is considerably more fit than I am, but wants to be healthier. The last time I tried running was in college my sophamore year (2002ish)… and then a piece of my knee fell off! I haven’t tried running long distance since. She has never been a “runner” but has always been very athletic.

Here is Phase 1 of my Overall Running Plan:

The Goal: Run Non-Stop for 30 Minutes
Run Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Cross Train/Simi-Rest Days: Tuesday, Thursday
Rest Day: Sundays

  • Week 1: run 2:00 | walk 4:00 | 5 cycles
  • Week 2: run 3:00 | walk 3:00 | 5 cycles
  • Week 3: run 5:00 | walk 2:30 | 4 cycles
  • Week 4: run 7:00 | walk 3:00 | 3 cycles
  • Week 5: run 8:00 | walk 2:00 | 3 cycles
  • Week 6: run 9:00 | walk 2:00 | 2 cycles + 8:00 run
  • Week 7: run 9:00 | walk 1:00 | 3 cycles
  • Week 8: run 13:00 | walk 2:00 | 2 cycles
  • Week 9: run 14:00 | walk 1:00 | 2 cycles
  • Week 10: run 30:00 | walk 0:00 | 1 cycle

Every day I run I will post my time, distance, pace, where I ran & how it felt.

I will eventually create a “gear” portion of the site that will have listed some of the tools, gear, books, & resources I use through my journey to becoming a runner.

I will also have an “interviews” section that will include talks with serious runners that I meet as I enter into the running cluture. Talking with the greats & the “average Joe” who is doing great will hopefully help inspire our progress and prevent burnout.
I may also interview friends who think I am completely crazy. 😉

Our first run is MONDAY, March 26th! Look for the Log Post!!


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