Week 1, Day 3

Yesterday we decided to visit Lake Bella Vista (in Bentonville). It was a beautiful run. It is about a 1.8 mile loop around the lake and pretty scenic for being so close. We wound up finishing the loop before our time ran out so we ran out a little ways and back into the parking lot until our time was up.
This morning my legs are a little sore. My calves mainly. It isn’t a “bad sore” it is a good, “I need to stretch” sore. I used some tiger balm on my knees before we started & after the run, they were freezing. That amazes me! Usually they get really hot and they start to hurt! This time, they felt GREAT!
Also, I’ve been taking Fast Flex™ which is really helping my knees to heal & repair and takes away the pain and inflammation. I’d rather take TriFlex but I had Fast Flex left over from working at GNC. TriFlex is pretty expensive per serving too.

Well, that is all from here. We plan on doing our Saturday run that will end Week 1 sometime today around 2:30.



How Far?

Check this out!


I used it on my Run Logs below so that we know exactly how far we are going on our runs! It will also save your route so you can link to it. Since every time we run, we may be a bit farther or a bit slower I will have to do this for every run, but it takes about 5 minutes and it gives me data that a Garmin would. I put the distance into my XL spread sheet and I get all the stats of our run. This is VERY useful!

We will be looking for a trail or something to run on later today. I’ll log an entry tonight! See you then!

Week 1, Day 2

  • 3:40 P.M.
  • Time: 32:00 Minutes
  • Distance: 2.16 Miles
  • Pace: 14:49
  • MPH: 4.05
  • 75º, 61% Humidity, Wind: S 9 MPH
  • Route: Grey House Route

Today was good. My calves started to cramp a bit but they are OK now. If you notice, our numbers from yesterday changed because I forgot to include a 2 minute cool down that was part of our distance. Today we ran down hill and then back up hill so naturally, when we turned around at the 15 min. mark, I knew our pace would slow as we get to the hills. And it did. But it was really good. Katie and I both really felt this one and we feel great for even doing it.

Friday is the next run. We plan on taking the dogs for that one, but we will see what happens.


Do people run in the rain? Is that healthy? We decided not to. We only have one pair of running shoes, so to keep them dry we will run later today when the rain stops.

Week 1, Day 1

  • 5:30 P.M.
  • Time: 32:00 Minutes
  • Distance: 1.98 Miles
  • Pace: 16:08
  • MPH:3.72
  • 72º, 47% Humidity, Wind: S 12 MPH
  • Route: Grey House Route

Today wasn’t bad at all. We woke up late, so we decided to run after I got off of work. Katie is on Spring Break and her family was up, so her sister decided to join us.

We ran for 2 minutes & then walked for 4 minutes, 5 cycles.

The overall experience was very nice! Both of us were pretty satisfied with the run. We were also both very aware of every single ache and pain in our legs. I felt a little bit of pain in my knee, but that is to be expected. It wasn’t that bad. She felt some burning and tighness on the side of her calf, but as we began our 3rd Run/Walk cycle, she said that the pain completely went away.

One of the things I want to do better: Stretch Deeper. I’m on the prowl for some good “runner’s stretches” that feel really good. Suggestions are welcome.

Tomorrow is a light cross training day. We will be playing tennis with our intermediate tennis class.

It feels really, really, really good to be running again. The weather was amazing! I’m looking forward to Wednesday.

Running Again.

Hi. My name is Ray and this is my online Running Log! I figured I would put it online because with the more people that could see it, I think it will help keep me accountable to achieving my goals. Also, it will make a nice printable record of my progress.

I want to go from an active non-runner to a very active runner. To do that I need to take it slow. I’m overweight (286 lbs) & I have bad knees so I will be taking it easy. No 2 hour marathons here, just a big guy trying to run some LBS off. In the distant future, the Marathon is a maybe. Like I said, I want to take it slow.

I’ll be runing with my wife who is considerably more fit than I am, but wants to be healthier. The last time I tried running was in college my sophamore year (2002ish)… and then a piece of my knee fell off! I haven’t tried running long distance since. She has never been a “runner” but has always been very athletic.

Here is Phase 1 of my Overall Running Plan:

The Goal: Run Non-Stop for 30 Minutes
Run Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Cross Train/Simi-Rest Days: Tuesday, Thursday
Rest Day: Sundays

  • Week 1: run 2:00 | walk 4:00 | 5 cycles
  • Week 2: run 3:00 | walk 3:00 | 5 cycles
  • Week 3: run 5:00 | walk 2:30 | 4 cycles
  • Week 4: run 7:00 | walk 3:00 | 3 cycles
  • Week 5: run 8:00 | walk 2:00 | 3 cycles
  • Week 6: run 9:00 | walk 2:00 | 2 cycles + 8:00 run
  • Week 7: run 9:00 | walk 1:00 | 3 cycles
  • Week 8: run 13:00 | walk 2:00 | 2 cycles
  • Week 9: run 14:00 | walk 1:00 | 2 cycles
  • Week 10: run 30:00 | walk 0:00 | 1 cycle

Every day I run I will post my time, distance, pace, where I ran & how it felt.

I will eventually create a “gear” portion of the site that will have listed some of the tools, gear, books, & resources I use through my journey to becoming a runner.

I will also have an “interviews” section that will include talks with serious runners that I meet as I enter into the running cluture. Talking with the greats & the “average Joe” who is doing great will hopefully help inspire our progress and prevent burnout.
I may also interview friends who think I am completely crazy. 😉

Our first run is MONDAY, March 26th! Look for the Log Post!!